There are special picture/video collections of hot sexy nylon
stocking'd women on the Internet that are assembled here
to appeal to male and female connoisseurs of Vintage Stockings.
Nylonettes is about the real vintage non-stretch Genuine Retro
Nylons manufactured from 1939 on until the present.
The Nylonettes are The Pictures and Videos, of women
wearing nylon stockings that fit on your monitor screens

They were made prior to 1964 and must
have the welt stamped and mesh is excluded.
This is the intention of Nylonettes.Com.  

Some nylonettes are earthy peasant looking, others
are classic beauties, but they all have curvy legs, slim
ankles, high arches, straight toes, smooth shaved skin,
maybe lightly artistic tattooing, pedicures.   And wear
true vintage stockings because they are hot sexy nylon addicts.

It's Saturday the 15th of Aug Covid-19 2020. Here is my inclement hobby, looking for real nylon stockings photos to collect off the Internet. What a joy. My fetish is true. It's shapely female legs in 15 denier 100% nylon stockings and beautiful faces, happy ones, that is. Nude. semi-nude and clothed or draped, bare foot or shoes, just must have those stockings on and be pleased about it.

A magnificent corner of nature, please enjoy the image and sound.

flickr photos

Mirrored Lips Video
A short 2 min video.