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The Original sheer Fashions No. 1579 MCB 1980
  ULTRA SHEER sandalfoot vintage nylon stockings

These, too, are only for making love to, not daily wear!
Long stroking softy creamy legs of slippery sex stockings
only for the boudoir satin bed sheets and pillow cases.
These are the softest super ultra sheer of stockings.

1 pair each of Berkshire Fashions #1579 MCB 1980
Description & Catalog No.PriceAdd to Cart# left over
Berkshire Fashions 1579
Plum 11"~ 34" Med

5" welt   #  FbkZUn4eBs
1 pr
Berkshire Fashions 1579
Red 11"~ 32" Short

5" welt   #  FbkZUn5eBs
1 pr
Berkshire Fashions 1579
Berry 11"~ 32" Short

5" welt   #  FbkZUn6eBs
1 pr
These sheer stockings require a garter belt with adjustable strap metal fasteners.
As of
30 Dec
Before wearing, lightly stretch the blemished part of the stocking over a cup.  Apply a small drop of clear nail polish to the blem so that the drop spreads out about 3 mm ( inch) past the blem.  It dries quickly.   Link opens a new window Google page.
Clear nail polish fix nylon stocking

Super Sheer (non-Lycra) 15 denier 100% nylon stockings
"The most luxurious stockings by Berkshire"
Individually packaged, No welt imprints
Wispy slippery, Sheer to the toe
Sandalfoot Style Bare Foot, non-reinforced foot
Table is a rough guide.   Wider foot and larger proportioned leg may require the next larger size.

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