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Seamless Bare-Foot Vintage
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Christian Dior Ultra, Schiaparelli, Adams, JC Penneys seamed Stockings, Lady Endicott, etc,.   They're really gossamer to wear and delicate to put on.


BUT     the best value on this site are the stockings below
Around $10   a pair!     BEIGE or BLACK
These came from the same Albert's Hosiery store on Hollywood Blvd

Beige seamless "BareFoot"

Black seamless "BareFoot"

Pair With a Spare

These stockings where bought as the last item 'feel good" and close the Hollywood store.  They are not stamped in the welt.  So on opening to examine them, they were silky as all get out, but.  Dam It, SHORT, Dam Hell I was mad.  So, they sat for a couple decades.  They are really sensual soft, not abrasive like today's stretch Lycra etc,.  So, I decided to see what I could do with them.

The more I examined the more trouble I found.  Snags, and holes, mismatched lengths.  What Poop!  But, they are so wonderfully silky soft.  They are the Vintage stockings thread, non-stretch 100% nylon.  Luxurious sensuous feeling nylons, you bet.  I decided to sort, iron, and discard the blemished stockings.  I sorted by length, and decided to package the Shorties 3 stockings to a pair.  These are so short, they are good for sex play.  Also, these are the vintage short live from rough handling real stockings.  Not the reproduction course feeling stuff sold today.  Also, I'll sell the "Blems"(blemished) for the hobbyist to make flowers with.
So, there you are.
Tues 11:38 AM 2/28/2017