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Albert's Home Page of vintage hosiery stockings and nylons

   Albert's home page

Albert's Seamed
Nylon Stockings
Albert's Seamless Barefoot nylon stockings
(No foot reinforcement)
Albert's RHT nylon stockings
Reinforced Heel and Toe
Albert's "Sandal"
Demi-Toe reinforced
nylon stockings

          As you may notice, Albert's hosiery is the predominate brand here.   Albert's stockings are highly prized for their high sheen and velvet touch.   These Vintage stockings came from an Albert's store that closed in 1994 on Hollywood Blvd, LA.   Many movie star's autographed 8x10s were on display around 3 walls in the shop.            
          The lady that owned it knew Mr. Albert Hayes, the name sake.  There were 60 Albert's stores coast to coast before Albert Hayes died.  He was an Iraqy and had his name changed when he imigated in 1929.  In New York city he worked at a hosiery store as a clerk that he eventually bought out the store with a partner.  He started Albert's® in December 1932.   There are many more interesting tidbits of Albert Hayes, but this is business and I need to get on with it.

          These Albert's nylons are all "flat knit" as this term is in vogue.  It seams that "Flat Knit" are silky soft weave.   Flat knit, officially, is the method of weaving fully fashioned stockings with the seam.   The "Flat Knit" term is used these days to differentiate from micro Mesh, stretch, Lycra, Cantrece and on and on.   RHT nylons and demi-toe and sandle foot stockings that I sell are circular knit on leg shaped 'lasts'.   To you, these are "flat knit", silky soft, whispy sheer, fragil, and sexy shinny vintage stockings.

          My vintage nylon stockings are the real thing produced before 1963.  Well, who do you think you are, you might be thinking.  It is the ink stamped welt.  After 1963 Albert's did not sell nylons with ink stamped welts.  Instead, sticky labels were pasted on the welts after that, for awhile.   I have a bunch of these Albert's, too.  Stockings made by Alberts also show up as ‘Araline’, & 'Adams'.   They have RN #s imprinted on the welt or stickers and is also Albert's registration # with the Federal Trade Commission.   imposed by the Textile Fiber Products Identification Act of September 2, 1958

          I'm retired here in Montana and it is the time in life to get rid of stuff.  It seems we spend most of our life accumulating and the last part getting rid of it.

  Nancy Nylon (aka, Janis)