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Alberts vintage nylon stockings

Dear 4744janis,
very attractive-and appealing.
How women should 'dress for success'.
Oh to be young again.  Must be
a super lucky boyfriend up in Montana.

Feminism and the free love
hippies have killed stockings.

Lets hang together, because
what is old is new again.

Most men are too embarrassed or
intimidated to speak their minds,
but clearly -as your ebay marketing
surely shows- bare legs rarely are as
attractive and appealing as a nice
lady in sexy nylons.  Pantyhose is
a close runner up, but thanks to Katie
Couric and her crowd, women, in herd
like behavior, have decided to shun
pantyhose. But, as you say, things
change.  Pretty Kate Middleton
appeared in sheer pantyhose, others
copycat and sales soar-at least for a while.
Good luck with your sales, Harland

Stockings, in their various deniers,
achive leg skin glamour en mass.
It's a foundation to even out skin
tone and blemishes of bare legs.
why do women wear a powdered or
cream foundation on their face and neck?
It's for the same reason..... Stockings
do it very quickly. Just un-roll them
on the leg.  Black women would use
black stockings, hispanics with Albert's
glace mocha and taupe, white women
with beiges.  I believe that women should
cover the legs with stockings or pants,
but not bare leg to be glamourus.  In the
morning network news shows I see a
lot of bare leg and I cringe.  Here they
are suited or skirt and blouse or Dress
and bare legged in heels.  And, 1950's eye
make-up.  You know.... the masscara tails
up turned beyound the eye lashes.
Like I said what's old is new again.
Thanks, (aka; NancyNylon)